We transform ourselves in each phase of our lives, in that process of change is born a new way of seeing, loving, knowing, creating, enjoying, dreaming … and always for something better.


We are a group of curious beings. happy workers. wild dreamers. infinite explorers.  Ambassadors of a new world, free governmentand conscious society.

Our mission is to create, develop and produce innovation and artistic projects with an ethical sense and social transformation.

At the same time, we want to promote collaboration with professionals from differents sectors (technology, art, robotics, anthropology, architecture, design, etc.) to establish ideas that are based on the creation of new cultures and generate a better interaction and understanding between people, respect and preservation of nature and support a honest relationship between environment and technology.


  • Robot in Virtual Residence Program. Short-term 2020-2021
  • Temporary headquarters for International Blockchain Projects.  2020-2021
  • Virtual Hub for International Research Groups. Short-Term 2020-2022
  • Space for Artists Creating and Experimenting with Technology. Short term 2020.-2022

How to Apply. Since June, 2020 
Accepting Applications. July, 2020
Results. August, 2020
Program Starting from September, 2020.

If you have some questions, please send us an email to: